E-book platform

Sales Channels

Virtually any sales channel can be linked to the Widescript Platform, whether you sell licenses in bulk to schools, subscriptions to an audience or bundle coupons for print+e combos.

If you require a customized e-bookstore or content retail software, we can also help.

Apply Different Business Models

A myriad of business models can be built atop the Widescript Platform.

Besides plain retail (selling an e-book), the platform allows for expiring licenses like rentals & libraries' lending model—ideal to increase revenue by minimizing the second-hand market.

Or subscriptions, whereby you offer unlimited expiring access to subsets of your catalog. Users may also receive access to individual chapters, further strengthening your bottom line.

Included in our service is an ample quota of free licenses for promotional purposes.

Entreprise. Any other content-intensive organization such as law firms, healthcare or engineering businesses can equally benefit from Widescript for internal training, sales and more. Get in touch to discuss your individual case.

Content Repository

There are multiple options to make your materials available for distribution through Widescript.

Formats such as EPUB, HTML5 and ONIX metadata are supported via Secure FTP access upload, Dropbox, File upload API or custom content-pulling or synchronizing mechanisms for publisher repositories. Publishers may use it as their central or ancillary digital asset repository.

We provide premium conversion and enhancement services for PDF and other formats.

Widescript is fully based on EPUB3

  • Stands on the shoulders of HTML5, a format available on all desktop & mobile platforms
  • Does not require plug-ins or additional software—less impediments for your existing and potential customers
  • Is able to run audio, video, animations and interactive games and exercises for an enhanced learning experience
  • An open future-proof standard that you can invest in without remaining locked-in to a single vendor

E-reader for learning

Textbooks have a huge impact in the way students learn. An outstanding experience is what Widescript helps you bring forth with a sophisticated e-reading interface that works on any modern device.

E-book metadata, chapters, text and other assets are pushed from the cloud directly to the device—no e-book files to download and instant access for the user.

Foldable Table of Contents, inline definitions, highlights & notes (that synchronize across all user's devices), automatic summaries, input memory and an extremely precise search engine, designed by our engineers from the ground up for e-books.

Not to mention the remarkable support for audio, video and interactive elements that maximize students' effectiveness. Or simply give a wonderful reading time.

Through Widescript's innovative responsive design, the interface works seamlessly across all modern devices—whether a tablet, a smartphone or a desktop computer at school, home or the office.

The architecture of our delivery network ensures content loads fast. Offline mode in selected platforms allows your readers to study on-the-go, even when no Internet connection is available.

We provide an equally great learning experience in mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Administration tools

All of your titles, users and licenses can be managed from our Publisher or Retailer Dashboards—including teachers, schools and districts.

Books can be uploaded, downloaded, published or removed through the Publisher Dashboard. Additionally, a Content Management System (CMS) is available for editing uploaded content.

Administration tasks related to distribution are accomplished via the Retailer Dashboard where user and license (access to books) data can be fully managed. For example, modifying e-mails, revoking access to a certain title, or viewing a list of orders.

White-labelled platform. The appearance and texts can be fully customized, for instance the logo, background colors and language. We have out-of-the-box support for English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Danish.


If the e-reader must be used alongside other applications, we support several integration tools.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for leveraging existing user databases, for instance with a Learning Management System such as Blackboard, Magento, WebCT, etc. We provide this integration as an extension of your LMS or other educational tools.
  • Widget mode, if the e-reader is to be displayed within another web application or LMS.

An adapter to our API provides compliance with the Tin Can API (SCORM).

How Does It Work For Me?

After sign-up, we hook your existing business channels with our systems or proceed to set up a customized e-bookstore.

We then find the optimal way to synchronize/transfer your e-books to our repository (from where this secured content will be served to your customers) and give you access to your Publisher and Retailer Dashboards.

Lastly, we will work on white-labelling your own e-reading interface—or provide data and tools for your team to do so.

Your readers or students will then, upon purchase or authorization, receive a welcome e-mail and enjoy a "one-click" access to their e-books.

With a low one-time investment and pricing tailored to your business model, the solution can be ready in a matter of days serving all your readership, reducing your time-to-market.

Security & Reliability

We are serious about intellectual property and people's privacy. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that your content is only accessed by authorized readers, and that no personal data is ever revealed.

In terms of communications and storage we operate with:

  • Content mangling and streaming (no whole e-book files transferred to devices)
  • Token- and time-based asset URLs
  • SSL strict transport security and forward secrecy
  • Strong BCrypt encryption for all passwords
  • AES-256 encryption of sensitive data

At a publisher level there are knobs used to protect content:

  • Enable/disable copy-paste, dragging and printing
  • Allow/disallow e-book downloads with or without social DRM
  • License revoke


Known as our Business Continuity Plan, redundant servers have been distributed across multiple 2-tier security guarded datacenters located far apart. In case of hardware failure an automatic switch will simply find the next available service. With this in-house monitoring and state-of-the-art failover technology we were able to boast a 99.96% uptime in 2013 for all of our customers.

The standard service level can be extended by individual SLAs.

Data Analysis

We collect millions of data points of reading activity to provide you with reports that let you discover reading patterns. This vitally rich data helps you drive your marketing strategies and optimize content value.

Data mining services are customized to what you are interested to know. As part of our privacy policy, data supplied is non-personally identifiable.

We also support Google Analytics.


An extensive JSON-based REST API is at the center of the platform. Both core and secondary functions are implemented on top of it—which allows developers for full control.

There is an important number of endpoints available to build from custom bookshelves to specific orders workflows.

if you have any questions.