Content services

Conversion services

Regardless of the source and complexity of your content, Widescript can help you convert any format into reflowable HTML5 or EPUB3 packages—perfect for leveraging all features of the Widescript Platform such as comprehensive text search.

We have vast experience transforming InDesign, PDF, XML and other formats (including metadata) for education, including medical, business and technical subjects. We also do proof-reading and quality assurance. Scanning/digitalization is available for paper documents.

For publishers using the Widescript Platform we offer an end-to-end solution: from source to deployment. Alongisde proof and revision rounds, additional corrections can be made in the platform's CMS.

E-book enhancement

Translating directly from a source meant for print certainly does not harness the power behind modern standards.

Reflowable documents are a great start, however, this may lead to usability issues such as tight data columns in a mobile screen, assets loading time or general text readability. Rethinking and repurposing content for digital media results in an optimal way of maximizing its educational potential.

We build first-class, responsive e-books that yield their best no matter where they are rendered: mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

In addition, we supply digital production services for video & audio, programming for custom interactive components and animations.

Optimization and enrichment cases include:

  • make heavy use of media queries to increase readability
  • remove a glossary column and integrate the definitions inline with tooltips
  • integrate navigational text into metadata exploited by the e-reader software
  • replace certain pictures with videos
  • insert a Google Map in place of an address
  • share quotes via Facebook, Twitter or other social networks
  • implement read-aloud passages
  • augment an activity with an interactive game
  • convert an exercise in text to a self-correcting quiz

Whether you are a platform customer or not, we do consulting to help you build a content strategy in light of your operations and focusing on business value.

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