About Us

We are passionate about education & technology.

Through turn-key, custom software and upfront consulting we find the most beneficial and cost-effective solutions for content businesses.

Educational, STM and professional publishers worldwide have trusted us their copyrighted material for years. Outstanding customer support is the norm.

Key Metrics

  • More than 1,200 titles
  • 250,000+ notes and highlights
  • 700,000+ e-books served since 2011
  • 99.96% average uptime
  • 5 years improving

Featured Clients & Partners

A leading educational publisher, Trojka leverages the Widescript Platform and consulting services for delivering stunning e-books to students in Denmark.
Through a custom branding, exploits the platform and is able to reach thousands of students in European universities.
As the publisher of a well-known training company, Thema employs Widescript in a learning context where students and business coaches alike need 24/7 access to their e-books.
Gad for its SOSU imprint makes heavy use of the platform and conversion services to deliver high-quality STM content.

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The Team

Operates the company and drives the product vision

Technical Lead
Designs and manages the implementation of our technology

Business Advisor
Pursues opportunities for long-term growth & development

Supports product promotion and communication

Along with the development team located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we have first-class partners in Asia, and the business established in Singapore.

  • We are currently looking for sales associates / partners (worldwide).

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